Week Two Picks

49ers at Bengals

  • Bengals 24
  • 49ers 20
  • Bengals playing in front of their home fans, and that Bengals offensive played way better expected. Bengals come out on top this week.

Chargers at Lions

  • Chargers 23
  • Lions 17
  • The Lions in the 4th Quarter last week fell apart. Chargers RB Austin Ekeler had a game and it will carry over to this week. Chargers come out on top.

Vikings at Packers

  • Vikings 23
  • Packers 20
  • Aaron Rodgers did not play very well against the Bears, and that Vikings defense looked like it gonna to bully quarterbacks this year. Vikings squeeze this one out.

Colts at Titans

  • Titans 28
  • Colts 20
  • That Titans defensive looked like some ballers against the Browns last Sunday and it will carry to this week. Titans take this one and will go to 2-0 on the season.

Patriots at Dolphins

  • Patriots 42
  • Dolphins 13
  • The Dolphins are looking like they will be going 0-2 at the start of the season. Lets be nice and not say anything rude.

Bills at Giants

  • Bills 20
  • Giants 17
  • The Giants will not loose games because of their offense. That defense gave up 5 straight touchdown drives against the Cowboys on Sunday. The Bills will squeeze this one out.

Seahawks at Steelers

  • Seahawks 27
  • Steelers 14
  • That Steelers team needs to go back playing their football, run the ball a bunch and play good defense. BUT, this week they will not do either. Seahawks come out on top with an easy win.

Cowboys at Redskins

  • Cowboys 24
  • Redskins 21
  • The Redskins offense looked really good last week, but this week will be a different story. The Cowboys will play better defense and barely get by on offense. The Cowboys win this week and become 2-0 for the season.

Cardinals at Ravens

  • Ravens 30
  • Cardinals 17
  • Lamar Jackson should have another big game against the Cardinals secondary. The Ravens defense will shut down the run game for rookie Kyler Murray and make him throw the ball down field against that stacked secondary.

Jaguars at Texans

  • Texans 24
  • Jaguars 20
  • The Texans offense looked great on Monday and that will carry over to Sunday. The Jaguars will fight back in the 4th quarter but it will be to late.

Chiefs at Raiders

  • Chiefs 35
  • Raiders 20
  • That Chiefs offense without Tyreek Hill is still going to be number 1 in the league with Patrick Mahomes throwing the ball and Andy Reid calling the plays. Chiefs with an easy win.

Bears at Broncos

  • Broncos 20
  • Bears 17
  • The Bears defense can only do so much. Mitchell Trubisky will need to step up if the Bears want to be successful. Broncos will make a come back in the 4th quarter.

Saints at Rams

  • Saints 30
  • Rams 27
  • This game is gonna be the game of the week. Wil Lutz comes out clutch back to back weeks. Saints take this game.

Eagles at Falcons

  • Eagles 24
  • Falcons 21
  • Eagles will have a lead all game but the Falcons score a touchdown in garbage time to make it look interesting. Eagles offense in the second half of the Redskins game looked unstoppable.

Browns at Jets

  • Browns 24
  • Jets 14
  • The game would be a lot closer if Sam Darnold played. Browns straighten out their offense and they start scoring in the second half. Browns win but it is not a pretty game.

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My name is Christopher Reiss. Im the leader writer for The NFL Wire.

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