Los Angeles Rams Official Cuts

The Los Angeles Rams started cutting their 90 players roster to 53 players. The Rams have officially have cut 18 players today. They are trimming the roster.

The Rams have cut:

  • DB Ramon Richards
  • G Abdul Beecham
  • WR Jalen Greene
  • DT Bryant Jones
  • P Brock Miller
  • WR Austin Proehl
  • DT Boogie Roberts
  • RB Matt Colburn
  • OT Matt Kaskey
  • TE Romello Brooker
  • TE Kendall Blanton
  • TE Keenan Brown
  • DB Jake Gervase
  • OT Brandon Hitner
  • WR Johnathan Lloyd
  • LB Ketner Kupp
  • OT Vitas Hyrnkiewicz
  • QB Brandon Allen

In the next few hours, there will be more cuts from the Los Angeles Rams to achieve the 53 player roster.

Published by Christopher Reiss

My name is Christopher Reiss. Im the leader writer for The NFL Wire.

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